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Shot Glass Roulette

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Are you going to throw a party soon and you need something to keep the spirits high? Or perhaps you are having some friends over and you think about a way to enjoy your time and have some fun. Then you need the Shot Glass Roulette, a drinking game that is a reinterpretation of the classic Russian Roulette. The roulette is modified in such a way so that it will hold 16 shot glasses, all of them being numbered and placed around the edge. In the middle, a small roulette will work just like any classic roulette, by spinning and using a small metal ball to indicate the winning number. But because this is a drinking roulette, you’ll have to fill the shot glasses with a drink you like and spin it. The number that comes out indicates the glass that has to be emptied.

Of course, you can always fill the glasses with anything else you may like, such as candy, dollar bills, or notes indicating various presents. It is a great way to have fun with your friends and family, during the holidays or any time you like. To make the game even more interesting, you can place bets and see who’s the luckiest. It is entirely up to you how you decide to play the game, so you can easily use your imagination. The roulette is of high quality and the glasses are made out of real glass, so they are not exposed to easy cracking.

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