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Silk Sleeping Eye Mask

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The eye mask by the Cougar Choice is categorized under the sports and outdoors, sports and fitness, exercise and fitness, Yoga.  Cougar Choice eye mask is made after thinking about the dedicated, shift or travel workers to those who have been acrobatic while sleeping as it stays on the place. It goes not leave any blurred vision or dry up the eyes. Moreover, it has an active and alternative way to treat your eyes to gain and restore the clear picture of the eyes. It helps to rejuvenate and tries to relax the tiring eyes, and it has been seen that using the eye mask relieves the distress followed by sinus pain and headaches.

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It has ADJUSTABLE HEAD STRAPS perfect fit for all. It is super soft and smooth with both sides are 100% silk and inside filled with 100% cotton to block lights, making the user comfortable wearing it and has soft touching it and comes big enough when to stay on the eye making the user get relaxed and fall asleep on wearing it. The material used does not leave any stinging smell makes it easy to maintain and keep clean, as it can be hand washed or machine washed.  It is also available with TWO EAR PLUGS so that noise can disturb the user from getting relaxed. It is light-weighted with easy to carry and the best thing for the traveler. There are different designs available in the market. It can be yours by spending only about $10 as it comes with two earplugs to prevent unwanted sound.

The Cougar’s Choice is a name who is specialized in varieties of beauty and fitness kit.

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