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Smead Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Location Tracker

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This Stick-N-Find tracker is a new product approach that will facilitate an individual’s life. Are you a person that forgets where you put your things? Where you left your phone? Your keys? Your backpack? Your tablet? Your laptop?  You can easily download this app on your phone and place a tag on your anything you would like to keep track of and your worries are over. No more need of Bluetooth headsets, speakers, or computer plug-ins to keep track of your things. This tracker app can help you find your items if you don’t remember where you placed them, alert you if someone is leaving the premises with your items. Stick-n-find can track your tags as far as 200 feet from you.

One of the cool features about this tracker app is for example; say you were tracking your keys and you find them, but now you lost your phone, you can actually track your phone by setting up a reverse process and track your phone. Stick-n-find also comes with a light and buzzer so you can find them in dim places. It also has the capacity to track 20 tags all at once. Stick-n-Find is compatible with any iPhone, iPad mini, iPod touch, Samsung, Note 2 and 3.

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