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Solar Sun Jar

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For those looking to illuminate the night without having to raise their electricity bill, the Solar Sun Jar offer a simple, convenient answer. The Solar Sun Jar captures the ambient light either outdoors or indoors within the walls of its frosted glass exterior and then it shines during the night to provide you with ample illumination.

All you need to do to charge up the Solar Sun Jar is simply open the lid, move the switch to the charge position, and leave it outside to absorb the sunshine or indoors to capture the ambient light. Either way, once the sun sets and the twilight stars to take over you can simply move the switch to “auto” and the jar will start glowing once darkness arrives.

There are a number of reasons why the Solar Sun Jar the perfect light for nighttime activities. It’s simple to use, easy to set up, and beautiful to look at when it shines. The rechargeable battery stores up to five hours of light when fully charged so you can enjoy being out in the backyard at night. Also, it’s perfect for times when the power goes out as you’ll have illumination for hours.

The Solar Sun Jar comes in three colors, blue, pink, and yellow. So, you can choose one or all three and have plenty of light for your nighttime activities. The jar itself is quite durable and you can even directly charge the battery during the dark, gloomy months of winter. If you are looking for a little light at night, the Solar Sun Jar is the answer!

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