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SOLSOL Solar Hat Charger for iPhone and Android Smartphones

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In this global age, we are connected to the world by the internet at all times and social media basically runs our life but there is a huge inconvenience when it comes to smart phones and devices; charging. It is a tedious job to have to charge your phone everyday and especially having to plan ahead if you are going out because you would not want your phone dying on you when you are trying to Snapchat a perfect day out with your friends, right?

We have found the perfect solution for your problem and it is a hat. SOLSOL Solar Hat Charger for iPhone and Android Smartp hones is a customized solar charger that is shaped as a hat so you can basically wear it and charge your phone without needing electricity.

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The batteries are light and safe and the hat absolutely does not emit electromagnetic radiation so it is super safe to wear as well. Yes, you can keep portable chargers with you but those are bulky and very inconvenient. The SOLSOL Solar Hat Charger is light and easy to wear so you might not even notice it is on your head. And it has a super advantage, it looks cool as well so it makes sure you are in style as well, the perfect combination, it is practical and stylish!

The hat charger is compatible with all popular devices of today; those include Compatible with iPod, iPhone5, 6, 6s, iPad, Android Smart phones, Go Pro, and Bluetooth Devices. The hat is available in 8 colors so you can choose the one you like best (or even get one of each!).

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