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Spread Heads Toothpaste Cap Dispenser

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Getting your kids to brush their teeth has never been easier thanks to the Spread Heads Toothpaste Cap Dispenser. A cap that is in the shape of a fish, the Spread Heads dispenser helps make brushing teeth fun for kids. The caps themselves can be used repeatedly thanks to the hard-plastic material that makes it quite durable and safe to use.

The dispenser cap is about 2” wide and fits over standard toothpaste tubes. Simply replace the current cap with the Spread Heads dispenser. You can open the new cap simply by popping the fin that covers the fish’s mouth. Kids can then dispense the toothpaste on their brushes and pop the fin back in. It’s safe, easy to use, and it’s funny to kids and adults alike to see toothpaste being pressed out of the fish’s mouth.

The Spread Heads Toothpaste Cap Dispenser is an inexpensive, yet highly effective way to help get children into the habit of brushing their teeth. The fish-shaped cap helps encourage kids to look forward to brushing and thanks to the snap cap which is in the shape of a fin, it is easier for little hands and fingers to open and close it properly. It makes for a wonderful gift and is perfect for anyone whose children are just getting to the age of brushing on their own. If you want your kids to get into the habit of brushing their teeth every night, the Spread Heads Toothpaste Fish Cap Dispenser is the perfect choice.

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