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Spy Bolt Hidden Storage Safe

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This premium spy bolt is a cool stuff made by Shomer-Tec. It is a bolt built into a spy model. The middle of the bolt houses an o-ring weather proof storage for small valuables, communication, spy and listening bugs and maybe micro cams.

This solid compact structure has a length of 3.43’’. The secret storage compartment has a diameter of 0.49, enough to contain your secret gadgets or storage devices such as micro SD.

The spy bolt has a solid metal structure work out throughout which ensures durability and toughness. It is an updated version of the old soviet KGB dead drop hollow bolt used during the cold war but this time with a hollow ring and a reverse threading for additional security. The bolt spine extends into a depth of 2.81’’ with a solid dense base head.

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This cool stuff is a multi choice buy as you stand to gain the advantages of excellent mechanical and machine bolt fastening with a plus of spy storage. Welcome to a system of double edged sword, with capabilities of killing two birds with one strike. Place orders for this cool stuff now!!!

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