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Star Wars Death Star

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Are you seeking cool things for a gift for a friend or loved one? The Star Wars lover will appreciate the Hellosy Star Wars Death Star Levitating Speaker. Yes, this is cool stuff, it really levitates! This speaker works wirelessly through Bluetooth on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. It’s portable, and can be taken anywhere. It’s also completely wireless and rechargeable. The speaker is designed in grey and black graphics that resemble a real Death Star, over a black and white base with the Star Wars logo on the side.

Not only does the Death Star speaker levitate, but it actually revolves above the magnetic base constantly! If you appreciate cool things, its glow in the dark appearance will wow you at night, as the lights on the Death Star really light up.

Star Wars Death Star Levitating Speaker Bluetooth Wireless Portable Rechargeable High Quality Floating Sound Systemz_

check out for $236.99

The Death Star features high quality speakers. The sound comes out through the bluetooth speaker orb. The speaker is built with a special sound guided cone that is meant to increase the 3D surround effect by rotating 360 degrees. The speaker floats above the air with a 10 millimeter clearance. You’ll find that you only need this one speaker for a completely immersive music experience.

You can listen to music while you go about your daily life. It’s possible for the Death Star to make your life more fun and enjoyable!

This product is backed up by a twelve month warranty and some great customer service.

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