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SUPERNIGHT:The Fairy Light Of The Party

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If you are looking to hold a party or any other festivity, then you will no doubt need lighting. What you need is something illuminative, soft and yet decorative and nothing does it better than the SupernightTM.

The SupernightTM gives out a warm white light, powered by three AA batteries. Contained in the bulb is a thin copper wire that holds 20 LEDs. Spun around, the LEDs emit a soft glow up to 7ft. The bulb can be designed to your preference and specification, as you see fit for your party. The light is designed to be emitted through a 3600 area. Weighing at 0.8 ounces, the SupernightTM is your lightest and most efficient festive light. The light can be used continuously for over 48 hours.


The light is best for parties as it gives out a spread of fairy light over the area that it is placed as well as the fact that it has a soft light. The design of the light bulb can also be to your design, meaning that it is adaptable to your party decorations without appearing out of place.

The SupernightTM is indeed the fairy light of the party and at $5.39, it is one of the most affordable party lights.

check out for $15.98

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