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TABATA Interactive 42″ Touch Screen Durable and Waterproof Coffee Table

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People who are searching for cool stuff for their living room may appreciate the TABATA Interactive Coffee Table. It turns a coffee table into a fully interactive experience. The surface of the coffee table is actually a full colour 42 inch touch screen, with white base.

The durable coffee table has an elegant and sleek design that doubles as a computer and screen in one. It’s operated by a touch screen, and has built-in Windows 8.1. It also has full integrated connectivity, so it will work with your WiFi, Bluetooth, WiDi, USB and Jack connections. It’s not only interactive but fun to use. It turns a coffee table into the technological center of your home.

TABATA is powered by the newest generation of Intel processors, and promises to be faster and more powerful than any other tablet on the market today. Your family will be able to browse the web, play games alone or in a group, or enjoy their own individualized activities.

The TABATA Interactive Coffee Table is not only durable as it’s made from iron and glass, but it’s also waterproof so it can handle anything that may be accidentally spilled on its surface. It weighs 187 pounds and measures 16.8” x 45.9” x 25.9 inches. You’ll be able to view an amazing 1920 x 1080 display resolution in full HD and full color. It has 8GB memory, 120GB storage, and an HD 5000 Graphic Chipset Intel core with i5 Haswell processor Intel HM76 Mother Board.

People can use the TABATA Interactive Coffee Table to work from home, or simply enjoy all the cool things on Youtube or the web.

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