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Ten One Design Mountie Side-Mount Clip for Mobile Devices

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Sometimes having one screen just isn’t enough but the process of attaching a second is too much of an effort. Luckily the folks at Ten One Design have created an amazing alternative that is compatible with your device. Ten One Design has been known for its innovative products over years of loyal service.
The Mountie Side-Mount clip is perfect for a little entertainment on the side and it makes it easy for you to attached movies, sports or TV shows to your MacBook or iMac. It is also perfect when acting as a second screen to your device. It is compatible with Apple phone models starting from the iPhone 4 and up, all iPad mini models, MacBook Pro models, MacBook Air models and iMac models.

Ten One Design Mountie Side-Mount Clip for Mobile Devices (T1-MULT-109) - Blue2_

check out for $24.95

The great thing about this device is that it comes with swappable inserts that allow you to secure the clip onto your device with ease. It is laced with rubber grips to ensure that your device isn’t going anywhere when it is in use. It is the perfect companion for you and offers universal compatibility no matter what Apple device you use.

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