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The best prop money for your artwork

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Do you need to take some pictures or need to shoot a video with using money? Well, you probably don’t want to risk damaging or losing stacks of money, so it is best to use prop money for these purposes. Luckily, Production Props & Media Designs LLC manufactures prop money perfect for any situation in which you need fake money. The printing is of the highest quality, so the money looks real, even having the wear and tear of regular bills. Of course, since the money is fake, the bills are printed only on one side, to discourage the use of them for real money, since they are made just for artistic purposes.

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Thus, if you need to make a film, video, theater play, or you want to play a prank to any of your buddies, this prop money, with stains and distressed look, giving them a real appearance, is a perfect choice. There are five stacks of $100 bills, summing up to $50,000, in fake money. Again, the money may be false but the effect is stunning, due to the incredible details of the product. If you want realistic looking prop money, not like the bills made for Monopoly, which look crisp and clean, then this is what you are looking for. You photos, videos, and other artwork will end up looking amazing because you chose to use the best prop material available. And considering the top notch quality, the price is incredibly small.

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