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The Best Ventless Table Top Ethanol Fireplace for Your Home

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the Moda Flame Vigo Ventless Table Top Ethanol Fireplace in Black is an excellent addition to any home. It has a dual layered burner of 1*.6 liter volume made up of stainless steel and can burn for two to three hours nonstop. The portable fire pit is like no other fire pit in the market.

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For it to work, it does not need any gas chimney, gel can or even electricity. To ensure maximum fire visibility, the fire place has a shiny design comprising of glass panels. It works by burning the Moda Flame ventless ethanol fuel.

The Vigo fireplace is versatile and is an excellent addition to any home as you can make useModa Flame Vigo Ventless Table Top Ethanol Fireplace in Black of it both in and outdoors. It provides a good way for you to add fire to any setting, without having to work thr
ough many complications. Given that it only weighs 3kg, this makes it an ideal accessory as it is very portable.

It’s compact and modernized designs mean that it can be placed in an
existing hearth in your house. You could also use it as a replacement for the traditional gas or log fire. The best thing about it is that it can be used on its own without the need to combine it with anything else.

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