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Cannabis can supply many advantages but one of the disadvantages is storage. Unlike cigarettes that you can put into a holder or a packet, cannabis is normally put in a plastic bag or put loose into a jacket. This is definitely not the ideal thing to do plus you run the risk of losing it along the way.

The Doobie Tube provides a solution to that problem by offering smokers of cannabis a unique way to carry their joints. This handcrafted case will allow you to put them inside without running the risks of loss, bending or breaking.

It has been crafted out of all natural ingredients, much like your own choice of smoke, meaning that it is totally safe to use and to purchase. There are no chemicals that will leave a stain on your joint, so it is even safer to smoke it. The easy to carry hand-stitched leather wraps around a solid brass tube and closes with a high-grade cork. The brass dog tag chain has been attached, not so that you can carry it on your keys, but rather on you like you usually do. Clip it on your bag, in your jacket, on your pants, or clip a whole lot of doobies together like a charm bracelet.

The cork opens and closes both ends and fits very securely onto the tube to ensure that there is no light that infiltrates your freshly rolled joint. It has been built to last and can survive even the toughest of parties.

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