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The Gunvault GV1000S Mini Vault Standard Gun Safe

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Everyone who owns guns knows that the most important thing is to ensure that they are safely stored to avoid any accidents and to keep children from finding the guns and causing a tragic incident. It’s also important o be able to keep the guns from falling on the wrong hands, which is the case when a burglar breaks into your property. With that said, the access to your gun needs to be fast enough for you to grab it in case of an emergency without having to go through any difficult or lengthy process.
The Gunvault GV1000S comes with a top quality locking mechanism. You need to use a keypad to open it and it will be blocked after repeated invalid entries. There is an audio feedback system that will confirm the correct keypad entry. This can also be disabled if you prefer to use the silent mode for security reasons. The inside of the vault is soft and the outside is solid for perfect safekeeping.
The fingerprint system is quite useful and unique and the combination of all the possible unlocking options make the GV1000S one of the most reliable and useful gun safe systems available.
If you are looking to get the best possible protection at an affordable cost, this is definitely the ideal gun safe for your needs. It offers the same features as many larger vaults, but it’s small and it can be easily hidden at a convenient location that you consider to be ideal for your needs.

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