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The Official Men’s Legendary Suitjamas

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With every sit-com TV show, you’ll find that each show has their fair share of moments which results in some witty product being designed and sold off. In this article, the product that we’re going to focus in on is directly from “How I Met Your Mother”. If you’re looking for some cool gifts, this is the place to start. So, let’s take a look at Suitjamas.

About “Suitjamas”

Suitjamas, if you haven’t guessed already, are a suit (including a tie) which is made out of silk and cotton, and is suitable (no pun intended) for sleeping while wearing.

Barney Stinson is without a doubt the iconic character of this TV show, and the producers show recognition when it comes to this. The majority of the products which are sold regarding the represent one moment or another of Barney Stinson, one of the main characters.

The purchases itself consists of 4 items:

– 1 Suit Jacket
– 1 Shirt
– 1 Pair of Trousers
– 1 Tie

So as you can see, it’s the whole package. If you’re looking for some cool stuff to give to someone and know that they have seen the show before, then The Official Men’s Legendary Suitjamas are worth considering.

A Few Things Worth Noting

Based on the reviews of the product of this cool gifts, there are a couple of things which are worth noting before purchasing the Suitjamas.

Size. Several reviews have stated that while the size of the jacket is perfect, the trousers are slightly smaller / tighter than expected.

Material. The material of the Suitjamas is 70% silk, 20% cotton, and 10% polyester. While delicate, this combination of materials is in fact machine washable.

check out for $99.95

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