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The Original Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed

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How many of us cat owners are forced into carefully moving flowers, ornaments and photos off the shelf so the house cat can settle into position and stare out of the window into the outside world? Valuable space on the shelf is lost because our feline family member wants to settle down and watch the world go by.

However, we have a novel solution to remedy this by selling a cat bed that sticks to your window. The Sunny Seat Cat Bed solves a number of problems such as cat beds on the kitchen floor that are hardly ever used and take up a great deal of important space in your kitchen or boot room.

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Installing the bed id easy and takes just a few seconds. And don’t worry if your cat happens to be a lardy feline, the Sunny Seat Cat Window Bed holds the curious pets easily up to 50 pounds in weight (most cats are well under half that).

The bed has two suction cups that can only be described as industrial strength, making this bed the purr-fect solution for puss. The cat bed is ideal for cats who prefer to be warm and nosy – which ticks the boxes for most of our feline friends.

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