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Third Rock Fire Pit

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If you’re looking for the ultimate outdoor garden accessory, that is not only practical, but that also happens to look absolutely stunning, then look no further than the Third Rock Fire Pit. Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made from a whole variety of different materials, so what is it that makes the Third Rock Fire Pit the best? Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

What is the Third Rock Fire Pit? – This fire pit gets its name because it has been constructed so that it resembles our very own planet – Earth, which just so happens to be referred to as the third rock from the sun. It is a circular globe made from carbon steel which is 25 inches thick. On the outside it has an iron oxide patina/finish, and it is coated with 100% heat-resistant paint on the interior. What does this mean? Basically that, no matter how hot the fire inside the fire pit burns, the product itself will function absolutely perfectly, and it will look its absolute best as well. What’s more, there is even a rain drain located in the base of the globe, so rain water will drain away no problem at all. Coming in at $1,490.00, this product is worth every single penny.

What makes it so unique and popular? – The circular globe-shaped design has all of the continents cut away from the globe itself, so that, once the fire is lit, the continents themselves are illuminated in the darkness by the fire. It is a work of art that is 100% unique, and comes with a certificate of authenticity, as well as a brass plate containing the artist’s information, and a unique ID number as well, making it one of a kind.

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