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Tigra Sport Bike Charge Weatherproof Bicycle Power Pack

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If you use your bicycle all day long, you most likely want to have a good USB charger with you in order to charge all your favorite items. The Tigra® BikeCharge Dynamo & Bicycle USB Charger is one of those products that are easily designed to be mounted on a bike. It’s a generator that focuses on using the pedal power and it will do that to charge any device that you may want.

You can use this energy to load up any device you want as long as it has USB ports. It has a 1000mAH battery as well as F/R LED lights that feature 3 lighting modes. This way you can get a resounding value for your money and results do indeed pay off a lot. They did a very good job at making the product compatible with a multitude of USB devices and the Tigra® BikeCharge Dynamo & Bicycle USB Charger is very quiet as well.

This way you will get to charge your products fast and easy, with results that will impress you quite a bit. That’s exactly what you want to have here and results do pay off immensely in the end. Once you start investing in the Tigra® BikeCharge Dynamo & Bicycle USB Charger, you will be rather impressed with the quality and value that it offers you. The experience is second to none and that’s exactly what you want to have here. Plus, getting the 1000mAH battery power does help you charge at least half of your phone. So, you can use your own energy to load up your phone which is really neat!

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