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Toilet seat lifter

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Saying technology cannot get any better is probably like the tale of the blind leading the blind; it just cannot happen that way. Life gets better every day with new gadgets being thrown into the market by inventors, maybe not your outright electronic technology but in some little improvement to plastic or wooden devices technology will always get better. Little things like toilet seats can easily become frustrating to live with especially when living with a health conscious roommate or wife or husband, always on lowering the toilet seat after usage. There is the other case that involves people that just hate touching the toilet seat except they were going to wash it.

Whatever your problem with lifting or lowering the toilet seat in the line of usage is with the toilet seat lifter your problem or problems just got solved. The toilet seat lifter is a very crucial piece of invention; its portable size means that you will barely notice any bit of space it might be taking up in the room. Once you are passed purchase and installation, here is how this piece of invention works, it acts as a lever to the toilet seat which can be activated via stepping on a pedal which pushes a lever from the fulcrum that goes on to lift the toilet seat and give you that extra bit of comfort you need.

So waste no time, get yourself a toilet seat lifter and think of something more hygienic to do with your hands.

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