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Torch Coat Heater

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While coats are designed to keep you warm in the winter, they only start working once they trap enough of your body heat which can take several minutes. During that time, you might be shivering from the effects of the cold temperatures. The Torch is the first heater created for warming up a coat before you put it on.

The Torch is a battery-powered heater that is specifically designed to fit inside your coat and provide the necessary heat so that you are warm and toasty even before you go outside. The Torch is a fully rechargeable device that comes with four heat settings to meet your needs. A single charge can last for up to five hours.

With the Torch, you can heat up your coat before going out to work, attending a party or event, or just spending more time outdoors in comfort. This unique device is perfect for those who live in cold climates and need a little warmth to ward off the chill as soon as they head outside.

The device is safe to use and will not burn or singe the inside of your coat. The beauty of the Torch is that you can fit it inside almost any type of coat and can be used with different coats so that everyone benefits. If you want to be in a nice, warm coat before going out into the coal, try the Torch, a simple, easy-to-use, and safe device that warms your coat from the inside before you put it on.

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