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Touch-Up and Travel Iron with Deluxe Travel Bag

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If you are a frequent traveler or if you have travelled a few times, especially for business, you have faced the dilemma of having to wear clothes that were not ironed. There is a small amount of clothes that are wash and wear, meaning you can wear them after they are washed without having to iron them but that is not formal clothing.

And if you ever decide to take an iron with you, it is just impossible to carry. The home irons are heavy and bulky, they take too much space and they are not so easy to use in a hotel or someplace else. In such cases, a travel iron is your best bet. Collar Perfect Compact Touchup and Travel Iron offers the best features at a reasonable price.

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The Collar Perfect Compact Touchup and Travel Iron is perfect for touch ups and it can also be used for traditional ironing. The iron is made of hard plastic. It offers six heat settings so you can adjust the heat depending on the kind of cloth you are ironing or the kind of heat you require for the ironing. It has flip out wings, those are perfect for touch ups on the fly.

The best part about the iron is its compact design, it is absolutely the perfect thing to take along on a travelling trip, be it for leisure or business. It takes minimal space inside your bag and it is very easy to use. So no more worrying about wearing unironed clothes, buy your own Collar Perfect Compact Touchup and Travel Iron now!

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