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Twinkling stars skirt

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After watching Cinderella the girls started drooling over her intriguing costumes. The blue dress that she wore to the prom was striking and girls wished if they could ever get such dress from the market. VOILA!!! The twinkling stars skirt is now available. This skirt is simply beautiful with sparkling LED’s light cling all over. Indeed it is a must buy skirt for all those who wants to go on a prom and impress their crush. The skirt is simply dreamy it adds a spark to the personality and it can be a game changer too. so if you are bored of wearing those TEEs and tights then this is a must try skirt.


Twinkling star skirt has following specs:

  • About a total of 250 lights are cling all over the three layered skirt
  • It is made from a comfy polyester material
  • Available in 9 various sizes, starting from extra small to 5X
  • It is light in weight and the battery box or the lights are smoothly attached
  • The lights are attached with the a on and off button
  • The skirt can be hand washed but for that all the lights and battery box must be removed safely.
  • The skirt is easy to handle is light in weight

The good thing about this skirt is that you can sit, stand run or dance in it without any discomfort. You can only string the lights at the front of the skirt too. so what are you all waiting for go and grab your piece before it runs out of the stock.

check out for $18.45

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