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UFO Detector

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Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are reported to be seen all over the globe. The question that arises in our mind is that whether UFOs are extraneous flying object or it’s just a man made myth? To answer this question, foreign company has come up with a modified version of radar detector, the UFO detector. This unique piece of equipment is a collection of internal magnetometer which is interfaced with microcontroller used for a 24/7 monitoring of the surroundings.

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The UFO detector is used for continuous monitoring of the surrounding for any sort of magnetic and electromagnetic anomalies. According to one third of the American population UFOs do exist and 1 out of 10 people in America have witnessed a UFO. The UFO detector with a rather simple yet effective design has following components and their uses:

  • The detector is a simple compilation of 13 LED’s which are programmed in such a way that they start blinking on detecting an electromagnetic anomaly, a small sound system starts beeping along with the LED’s.
  • The exquisitely designed lucent plastic case allows the ultimate consumer to see electronic equipment inside of that case. The size of this portable device is 3 inch in diameter and 4 inches tall, which easily fits on a bedroom dresser of a shelf.
  • It includes a 9V wall adapter and a receptor device for changing surrounding. It also has a unique way of resetting, once it starts beeping for it can be rest by just turning it upside down for one second.

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