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Watch With Collectable Butane Cigarette Cigar Lighter

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Have you ever wanted to be like James Bond or impress your friends with a lighter that emits a flame right out the very timepiece on your wrist? Now you can. The RoKo novelty watch is more than just a novelty because it doubles as a stylish well-functioning watch too. The timepiece comes with a collectable butane lighter designed to spark up your cigar, roll up or cigarette.

Impress your friends at a party, delight some random stranger who asks you for a light or just raise an eyebrow or two among smoking company who will be fascinated as you light up from your watch. But don’t be fooled by the novelty factor, this timepiece and cigarette lighter really is a top quality watch which makes for a great jewellery piece at the same time.

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It is very easy to use and the lighter is switched on by pressing down on a button at the top of the watch, which in turn releases the flame ready for you to light up the cigar or cigarette in your mouth. Its special design makes it comfortable to wear, easy to use and fully functional in telling the time and lighting up a cigarette.

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