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Watermelon Ball

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Watermelon Ball is an aquatic sport which can be played in a swimming pool, pond or even a lake. This game is played between two teams with a ball that is a replica of watermelon. This game is also known as watermelon polo or watermelon rugby. Watermelon ball is played just like rugby will be played in the water.

Watermelon ball is made up a vinyl membrane that makes it durable. This ball cannot split open like a real watermelon if played with force and it feels, floats and resembles the juicy flesh- filled fruit, watermelon. To function properly, the watermelon ball is filled with water and air and comes with hoses that can be used to fill it. Unlike real watermelon, the ball is lighter and can be passed even 10 feet under water. Just like basketball, watermelon ball can be dribbled with ease. This ball cannot cause injury if falls on someone as it is not as heavy as real watermelon. Thus, teams can play watermelon ball with ease than the real watermelon. Watermelon ball can also serve as an exercise ball. Thus, it might be useful while swimming.

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As an exciting swimming pool game, watermelon ball encourages teamwork among friends and families. It allows you to exercise yourself, have fun and interact with others. Do not be left out of the competition with watermelon especially if you love this fruit. What a pity! You cannot eat the fruit at the end of the game. Enjoy your summer as you play watermelon ball game.

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