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Waterpik Rain Fall Showerhead

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A new showerhead is something we would never realize we need until after we have already gotten a new one and cannot seem to understand why we ever stuck with the conventional and ordinary showerhead. This is exactly the case with Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rain Fall Showerhead. It is a 6 inch round adjustable shower head with adjustable arm included which allows you to position water flow directly overhead or at an angle, giving your bathroom a new life.

Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rain Fall Showerhead gives you a shower experience that you will be looking forward to your entire day and will definitely make it the highlight of your day. The rain fall showerhead gives you the perfect flow of water, something that massages you but not necessarily stings your body with sharp streams.

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The shower head is adjustable so there is no need to maneuver around in the shower, trying to find the right angle to get that last bit of shampoo off. It also has a variety of cool settings for the water flow including full-body power spray, drenching rain shower, and pulsating rain shower so you can customize your shower experience according to what you want at that specific time, it does not get better than this, does it?

The shower head is also very sleek and stylish so it is pretty as well as functional. It is also extremely easy to install, the only thing you would require would be a set of pliers to take off the existing shower head and then you can just screw this on one and start your amazing experience!

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