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Wilton ColorSwirl 3 Color Coupler

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Do you like the multi-color swirl you see on cupcakes? Does it make you salivate? Are you looking for a way to give your cupcakes a crisp, clean look? Will you like to adore those cupcakes with a well-defined multiple color swirl of icing? If YES, simply go for the Wilton ColorSwirl 3 Color Coupler.

This easy to use equipment offers you the opportunity to combine three different decorating bags containing individual color of icing. With this, you are able to pipe an easy, but really impressive swirl of up to two or three colors on your cupcakes and cakes.

The Wilton ColorSwirl 3 Color Coupler comes with interlocking pieces of coupler. This is all you need to make your seamless icing swirls. The color icings are blended as you pipe. With this wonderful, and easy to operate equipment, you can simply swirl two or three different colors on your cupcake with a simple piping motion.

Furthermore, you can also switch the tips effortlessly giving you the opportunity to achieve different piping techniques and designs for your cupcakes, cakes, and sweet treats. This Wilton ColorSwirl three-color coupler has a ring that helps to hold the decorating tip. With this, you are guaranteed that the decorating tips are firm and secured making the piping motions swift.

Enhance the look of your cakes, cupcakes, and other bakes with a more even and uniform design by making use of the Wilton ColorSwirl 3 Color Coupler. Make a statement with your cakes and cupcake with the help of this exceptional but easy to use swirl equipment.

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