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WOMSAUCE Freshly Roasted Green Habanero Hot Sauce

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Satan’s blood is officially used as a hot sauce. It is a stunning 800,000 Scoville Unit of pepper Extract! It was conceived on Friday the 13th in October 2000, during a full moon – probably where it gets its haunt from. This extract is blood red and packed in a unique bottle making it a must-have collectible.

Mostly people view it as a chili extract because its impact lasts far longer than a sauce. A few drops of Satan’s blood added to your meal will turn your face into flaming red and your eyes will be glowed out. It is advised to use little amounts, though it is perfect for ‘chilli’ lovers.

Among its ingredients are the infamous Chile Extract and Red Wine Vinegar which might as well be the secret to its taste, when used correctly. Its taste is similar to crushed red pepper, only if you make it a million times hotter.

Its bottle is unique in its shape and the sauce is stiffly packed in the bottle. Satan’s Blood Hot sauce manufacturer have also won Sauce Crafters Award and they stood first for 2002 Scovie Awards for packaging. It is also rated #7 on amazon in grocery and gourmet foods and rated #1 in hot sauces.

There are also some precautions to use the Satan’s Blood Chile and among those is to extremely protect your hands and eyes while using it.

If you are planning for a good hot sauce go buy Satan’s Blood Chile and taste the hotness. For sure you will enjoy it.

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