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Wooden Folding LED Nightlight Book

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Want your cell phone accessories to be as cool as your phone? Excelvan White Visible LED Micor USB Data Charging Cable for Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 has taken the look of chargers to a whole new level. The charging cable has the high functionality capabilities demanded by tech savvy consumers.  While exceptionally functional it is the design elements that have created a successful marriage with function and design.  Everything about this charger is designed to totally differentiate itself from other chargers on the market.  The hyper bright blue LED charging lights correspond to how much the device has charged. The lights are incorporated into the actual wiring. When it first starts charging the lights move very fast and then start to slow down as the device gets closer to being fully charged. The blue lighting feature is especially impressive at night. With most other chargers you have to constantly check your phone to see how much it has charged but not with this one. The whole piece is in keeping with accessory color trends and is all white.

The price is awesome as well at around $10 dollars. Great accessories do not have to be expensive they just need to be better and sexier than the competitors. Buyers are saying it is an attention grabber for impressing their friends and family. The device is small enough for purses and even pockets for guys. Don’t spoil your reputation for having all of cool things by being seen with an ordinary charger.

check out for $33.89

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