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World’s First Electric Drawing pen

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You always wanted to draw as a professional? Today that is more than possible with the innovative and new drawing pen. This new product has changed the way we draw, giving outstanding and solid results with nothing but a pen, an electric pen.

This drawing pen will make you capable of drawing huge projects in no time because its technology allows a 10x faster drawing than traditional methods. This feature also reduces the fatigue and pain in wrists from excessive endeavors.

You just have to charge it as a smartphone, directly from a 5v DC power supply. The ink is waterproof so don’t worry about any liquid, also it’s made by gel, perfect element to cover plenty of area with top-notch results.

Put some ink on it and that’s, your draws will come alive and your career or hobby as a drawer will be rocketed to the moon.

The pen by itself includes its own packs on ink, two to be exact. It’s made with durable and resistant material to last forever and draw daily for the rest of your life.

Cuttlelola is a solid company giving outstanding products, its reliability is undeniable, just check its five-star reviews everywhere.

check out for $62.99 

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