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Your paper plane just flew? Power it to go further

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With the PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion kit, your paper airplanes just received a breath of life. You can now motorize simple paper planes to have more speed, longer fly time and without the risk of breakages. The conversion kit is powered by batteries that can be recharged when they run out of power. If the batteries get charged for duration of 20 seconds, the flight time they power will be 30 seconds of flight. This is an exciting gift item for children and makes for a good pass time because the PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion kit includes directions to follow in making 4 types of paper airplanes.

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The kit is however not for paper planes that cannot fly. It is important that the plane flies successfully so that the kit may work. This means that airplanes that fly well are made better with the PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion kit. The propeller shaft and propeller are made out of carbon fiber making the kit impossible to break. It can be used on as many paper planes as available and over a long period of time. This is definitely the future of toy making and an engaging pass time for children over the holidays.


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