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Zero Fuck coin

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Pull a fast one on that jerk buddy of yours who is always playing tricks on you.  The Zero Fucks Given novelty coin will invite him to spin on it, with a large middle finger. This is the ultimate gag gift or practical joke gift.

The Zero Fuck coin is in the shape of a quarter. It is made of Nickel with size dimensions of 1.073” Diameter x .07” Thick. The coin is slightly thicker than the US  quarter.  The coin is in silver color just like many popular coins.

Zero Fuck coin front has a large middle finger inscription in the middle with a message to ‘Spin on This’ on the right edge. The top edge reads ‘The United States of No Fucks’ while the bottom edge reads the coin’s value as ‘No Fucks’ which is also on the left edge in number ‘0’ and the year 2015.

The back side of the coin has a big ‘0’ with a ‘Fucks’ cutting across. The top edge of the back side has an inscription of the company The coins are 100% made in the US, and shipping is free.

The Zero Fucks coins come in a pack of 10 coins. These are enough for your practical jokes on co-workers, boss, complete strangers and pretty anyone else you feel should not be giving a fuck. This coin is guaranteed to leave them pleasantly surprised. It is a gift that is not likely to be forgotten easily.

check out for $29.99

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